About Me

I’ve done a bit of everything, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Whereas most people struggle to portray themselves as dedicated to their respective fields, my career has range. I’ve spent a good deal of time chasing the Ideal Job. I needed something that was fast-paced and intellectually stimulating; I wanted creativity executed with scientific precision; to make use of my myriad interests while exploring new ones. When I found marketing, it was like coming home.

Why I kick @$$ at what I do

I’m a demon for details. Analyzing reports, growth-driven landing page and website design, compelling copywriting, and in-depth research are all right up my alley. I believe that people aren’t sold on things, but ideas. As the sum of my parts, I can craft stories that speak to target audiences with precision and ease. That's not just my ego; the numbers don't lie. Ask me about it sometime.

Campaign Plan & Outline

About This Campaign Messaging Goals: Assets designed to get our sales team phone calls with CIOs. Messaging should address issues like: • Fear of Change (concerns surrounding changing the tools an entire staff is using) -- speak to the increase in productivity due to easy adoption to intuitive tools • Functionality of Apps themselves--ease of use, collaboration, efficiency of processes • ROI • Industry-Specific Applications of Microsoft Apps (one or so pages explaining how corporations can use apps, how healthcare can use apps, etc.) • Security - addressing misconceptions about the security of Microsoft’s infrastructure + educating on what makes Microsoft’s cloud so secure

Facebook Ads Just Got Better: Meet the New Pixel

With its massive user base and powerful advertising features, Facebook is one of the best platforms on which to market your business. One of the reasons why Facebook ads are so effective for online marketing is the fact that it gives its advertisers the ability to track users' actions on advertisers' websites. The Facebook Conversion Tracking and Custom Audience Pixels have gone away as of 2017, but their replacement does more with less effort. The new Facebook Pixel is easier to implement than

Case Study: New Belgium Brewing

Since the company’s founding in 1991, New Belgium Brewing has grown exponentially. Scheduler, Brian Goodwin, joined the team in 1999 and has seen production double over five times since. This massive growth led to increasingly complex manufacturing and distribution practices. The brewery has had to transition from manual brewing to automated; handwritten logs to scanned bar codes; from six brands to well over 100.